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The melee rework brings a huge swathe of balancing changes, as well as a fundamental rethink of the principles of close combat. Every attack can not hit multiple enemies by default, and you can interrupt your skills (i.e., attack canceling) for greater flexibility. With over 10 years\' experience, we\'ve gained a lot positive feedback from customers. The best path of exile store Raiditem is also offering cheap poe currency with safe sevice!

More than Ten years experience for cheap poe currency

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Many monsters will also now deal damage in a specific area in front of them rather than directly to a target, so you can now dodge this damage by sidestepping and so on. Raiditem is definitely your best choice to buy poe items. 100% cheap and instant. We deliver them with the face-to-face trade, and we will send an email to inform you both after orders placed and their completion.

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