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the Egyptian cursive form of hieroglyphs, in black ink with explanatory glosses in red ink. The vast majority [" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">]07 runescape gold[/url] of the papyrus is concerned with trauma and surgery, with short sections on gynaecology and cosmetics on the verso. On the recto side, there are 48 cases of injury. Each case details the type of the injury, examination of the patient, diagnosis and prognosis, and treatment.
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Very, very exciting stuff. I want to thank the Wiki guys for being so obliging during the entire process, and I love to call out Mod Cam specifically for doing some fantastic work acting as the middleman between Wiki and Jagex, making sure the needs of both parties are being met.Edit: Somehow just saw this. However, the March update hasn been applied yet.
an aside, what sort of integration would you like to see in game with the wiki? From the top of my head I love to see a clickable option in a skill guide which takes me to the Wiki page for that skill. Maybe even a right click of a quest in the quest journal to prompt the Wiki quest guide to open?[M] [score hidden] submitted 7 months ago
Although the individual elements of the spoon are treated with painstaking attention to detail, the design itself is pure fantasy. For example, pomegranate flowers and fruit never appear on a tree at the same time.Deben was presumably the name of it. It was the standard weight. It was also the word they used when they bought things. Compare your sentence to: "This cheeseburger costs 5."
The game using the word "deben" for the currency and people assuming that this reflects reality are both reasonable and both true. Please (you and others) stop problematizing simple aspects of the ancient world out of pedantry. We know things. We can use the things we know to discover other things if we would stop wringing our hands out of neurotic nerd spinelessness, or worse,
It not as good as playing with people, but honestly sometimes it better to play with strangers that become your DnD buddies rather than old friends. A lot less screwing around (outside the game, at least) and getting off topic that way.Try the big for group ("lfg&quot and local lfg Subreddits to try and find an in person game, and check the bulletin board/ask behind the desk at your local game shop. If that all fruitless, Roll20 is still not a bad option at all.Honestly, with a good DM you don need to know that much about the game, but I would still recommend buying a players handbook, reading it, maybe making a character for fun, etc. prior to a game. You need to have a handbook anyway.EDIT : Also, choose to play fifth edition ( if you have the choice. I only played five, but I hear 3.5e has a LOT more looking stuff up/calculating in exchange for being more customizable a character. Not great for beginners.RS3 Easter Event 2019 has been released,Ready to Join in it with Up to 80% off 250M OSRS gold&1250M Runescape gold on RSorder at 3:00 AM GMT on Apr.22?Snap Immediately by [" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">]" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">[/url]!
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