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when you go into the cave, there will be a chained up hydra. when you approach it, it will lunge one head at a [" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">]osrs gold[/url] time at you. when it is about to throw one of its heads at you, jump straight up. when you land, you will land on the head, making that head fall asleep. repeat this for each head (be careful, if you take to long, the heads will wake up). when all heads are asleep, jump to where th hydra is laying down, then click on its body: now you have the hydra scale! (MORE)

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Unfortunately, there isn\'t a very direct way of searching for anindividual player on Clash of Clans. If you\'re trying to find yourfriends to play with, the best way is to make a clan that has atrophy requirement equal to 0. Clickthe trophy icon on the left side of the screen to show your league,and click the friends tab. Your friends who are playing Clash ofClans should show up here. Click their name and then invite to makethem part of your clan. (MORE)
1. Clear the debris this is quite slow and you don\'t get thatmany gems 2. You\'ll get 450 gems if you achieve 1250 trophies (may take a bittoo) 3. The quickest way would be to get free itunes gift cards bydownloading sponsored apps. In other words there are no "free" gems. You have to play for themor earn them. There is no way to obtain gems for free other than clearing gemboxes in your land. (MORE)
What is clash of clans?Clash of Clans is a game of skill and good leadership. GOLD MINES: Produce Gold for your village. EXLIER COLLECTOR: Produces exlier CLAN CASTLE: A type of building wheer troops from allies can besent to you and where you can join Clans. EXLIER STORAGE: Contains the exlier taht was produced and puts itthere (there is a limit of exlier). BUILDERS HUT: Alows you to build or upgrade buildings.
WALLS: Protects the village from attacks (has a limit of health). TRAPS: It eitehr flings away the enemy or blows them up (dependswhat trap you get). SPELL FACTORY: Where you may produce any sort of spells (must havea certain level to get some of them). BARRACKS: Where you make your troops (must be certain level to getsome of them). DARK BARRACKS:
Soit\'s possible to do almost everything you can as if it was anactual mobile device, except certain things like using Snapchat orcamera apps, or registering it as a real phone with a phone number. (MORE)Can you get clash of clans on kindle fire?Yes, you can, but it is a little more complicated than getting some other apps. First, you have to make sure that Settings > Device > Allow Installation of Applications is turned on OR (for HDX users) Settings > Applications > Apps from Unknown Sources should be on. Then you have to go to downloads, and install it. (I added a link to the site where I found the instructions in the related links area, which also has a link to the installation file, but if the links are not visible, do a quick Google search for "clash of clans kindle fire" and you should find it.)(MORE)
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