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What You Missed: <a title=\"www.vikingsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-adam-thielen-jersey" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.vikingsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-adam-thielen-jersey\" href=\"www.vikingsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-adam-thielen-jersey" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.vikingsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-adam-thielen-jersey\">a>" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">www.vikingsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-adam-thielen-jersey<a>" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://a>" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">www.vikingsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-adam-thielen-jersey<a> , I’m annoyed because looking at a 1-0-1 record, or any record with a tie at the end of it, is disgusting. But aside from that, the Vikings 29-29 tie against the Packers on Sunday could affect the playoff picture when we get to the end of the season. Basically, it’s unlikely we’ll need to use any tiebreakers to determine seeding for the playoffs, unless the Vikings are tied with the Packers or there’s another tie.Of note: there has been a tie in each of the first two weeks of the season, which is highly irregular. In a 10-minute overtime period, each team is essentially going to get one shot to score, and if they don’t we’re looking at a field goal at the end of the period. In both ties this year, that field goal has been missed. Bring back the 15-minute overtime?What if I told you...That through two weeks of the season, the two best quarterbacks in the league have been...Ryan Fitzpatrick and Patrick Mahomes. Yep, those two. Fitzpatrick has come out of nowhere, filling in for the suspended Jameis Winston and leading the Bucs to wins over the Saints and Eagles in the first two weeks of the season. He’s leading the NFL in passing yards and is second in touchdowns. Is it sustainable? Probably not. Is it fun to watch? Absolutely.Speaking of fun to watch, how about Mahomes? The Chiefs used a first round pick on him in 2017, which signaled the end of the Alex Smith era in Kansas City. And since turning over the offense to Mahomes, they’ve been completely unstoppable. Through two games, Mahomes has an NFL record 10 touchdown passes. Which means, yes, he’s on pace for 80 touchdowns. The single-season record, held by Peyton Manning is 55. Ok. He’s also single-handedly keeping my fantasy team afloat, so keep doing what you’re doing, Mr. Mahomes.A check-in on the AFCBecause we had a rematch of the AFC title game. And the Jaguars stood tall against the Patriots, as Blake Bortles tossed four touchdown passes to lead the home team to a 31-20 win. It’s Week 2, AKA #OverreactionSzn, so who knows what it means. The Jags did play without starting running back Leonard Fournette and, despite a late comeback attempt, really stopped Tom Brady from doing anything. Are the Jaguars the favorite in the AFC?Meanwhile <a title=\"Linval Joseph Jersey\" href=\"www.vikingsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-linval-joseph-jersey" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.vikingsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-linval-joseph-jersey\">Linval Joseph Jersey<a> , Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins are leading the AFC East. What?In the NorthWe all know what happened with the Vikings and the Packers. Later on Sunday, the Lions looked awful for most of the game against the 49ers. They made an encouraging late comeback but still fell short and are now at the bottom of the NFC North at 0-2.I was impressed with the way the Bears bounced back from last week’s heartbreak, as they took down the Seahawks on Monday Night Football. The Seahawks look like they’re in a lot of trouble, as their defense is not what it once was and their offensive line is a disaster. But the Bears defense looks really good, because, well, Khalil Mack is basically unblockable. I’ll be interested to see what the Vikings offense does against them.Ex-Vikings quarterback reportHow can you root against Case Keenum? He didn’t play well in the first half against the Raiders on Sunday, but he led a comeback late in the fourth quarter to earn a 20-19 win. Especially impressive was his final drive, when he started deep in his own territory and drove all the way down the field to set up a game-winning field goal. His numbers weren’t very good — 222 yards, no touchdowns and an interception — but he got his team the win, which is something he did very, very well in Minnesota.Meanwhile, this segment is in serious danger if Sam Bradford can’t figure it out in Arizona. The Cardinals have looked awful through two weeks, and Josh Rosen’s shadow continues to loom larger and larger over Bradford, who threw for just 90 yards in the Cardinals’ 34-0 embarrassment at the hands of the Rams. People are already calling for Bradford to be benched.Speaking of the Rams...They’ve been dominant through two weeks. They have playmakers all over the field on both offense and defense, and they also have a wizard named Sean McVay. I’m not completely sold — Jared Goff hasn’t had to make any big plays yet — but the Vikings will travel to Los Angeles for a huge early-season showdown a week from Thursday. That game could have massive implications in the NFC.Let’s recall why we have the new rule on tackling quarterbacks In the wake of Sunday’s 29-29 tie between the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, one of the primary sticking points seems to be the hit that was put on Vikings’ quarterback Kirk Cousins by Packers’ linebacker Clay Matthews. The hit negated what would have been a game-sealing interception by rookie Jaire Alexander and gave the Vikings the opportunity to march down the field to, ultimately, tie the game.People don’t seem to like the call.Was the penalty on Matthews a bunch of crap? Yeah, it probably was. For that matter, so was the call against Eric Kendricks on Aaron Rodgers at the end of the first half that ultimately set up another field goal for the Packers.Back during the preseason, when the Vikings’ Antwione Williams was penalized for what appeared to be a routine sack against the Jacksonville Jaguars, I said that this new rule was eventually going to cost some team a game (though I did say “helmet rule” rather than the rules against specifically landing on a quarterback after a tackle). On Sunday, that appears to be precisely what happened.When this rule was first announced during the offseason, people were confused as to what, exactly, was going to be penalized. The officials themselves said that the rule was confusing <a title=\"Authentic Laquon Treadwell Jersey\" href=\"www.vikingsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-laquon-treadwell-jersey" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.vikingsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-laquon-treadwell-jersey\">Authentic Laquon Treadwell Jersey<a> , and we’ve now seen in a real, meaningful game that there still don’t appear to be real hard and fast guidelines for implementing the rule.But let’s recall why, exactly, we are where we are with this, shall we?We’re at this point right now because, last October, Vikings’ linebacker Anthony Barr put what was then considered a perfectly legal hit on Aaron Rodgers that resulted in Rodgers breaking his collarbone and, effectively, ending the competitive portion of the Packers’ season. A play that Barr was not flagged for at the time, nor was he fined for after the fact. Oh, and a play that Barr also wound up receiving death threats over, because that’s good, solid, intelligent behavior, but I digress.This resulted in a conversation at the NFL offices that I imagine went something like thiserson 1: “OMG we need to do more to protect quarterbacks!”Person 2: “Well, what exactly should we do?”Person 1: “OMG IDK but we have to do something!”And this is what we got. . .a rule that was thrown together late in the offseason with no real guidance given to officials as to how to call it that has now, officially, resulted in a team not winning a game that actually counts that it appeared they had won.This new rule, as much of a steaming garbage pile as it is, is designed to protect quarterbacks. If that’s the way things are going to be, it needs to be equally applied to all quarterbacks. “Protecting quarterbacks” doesn’t simply mean protecting your quarterback or protecting star quarterbacks. It means protecting quarterbacks, whether it’s Aaron Rodgers or Kirk Cousins or a third-string quarterback from some random NFL team whose name you probably don’t even know right now. And in the name of protecting quarterbacks, we’re going to see the sorts of garbage calls that we saw affect both teams on Sunday at Lambeau Field.This new rule is awful. It’s cost a team a game, and it’s probably going to cost more teams games by the time this season is through. But we’re here because Aaron Rodgers got hurt on a legal play in 2017 and the league wasn’t going to simply let that slide.If people want to complain about where we are, they need to remember exactly how we got here, too.



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