You can now customise your farm in Fortnite

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The successful Fortnite Pro-Am in E3 was followed by the launch of Summer Skirmish, a series of eight weekly tournaments featuring $8 million in prizes. But despite some large money and several of the most popular names in streaming, Fortnite\'s aggressive gaming splash has been largely a disappointment so far.

Things got off to a very bad start. The first tournament was cancelled halfway through after gamers endured from such significant lag which it was not possible to last. A week later, another skirmish featured a great underdog narrative, as console player\"iDropz_bodies\" -- renowned at Destiny circles, but not a big name in Fortnite -- surprised everyone by snagging the championship triumph and $130,000 in prizes. This, naturally, led to accusations of cheating on Reddit and elsewhere; Epic was made to release a statement protecting the player and confirming that the triumph was untrue.

There are other problems. The tournaments have conflicted with the popular Friday Fortnite series, run by YouTuber Daniel\"Keemstar\" Keem. And, perhaps most surprisingly, Epic\'s broadcasts have felt surprisingly amateur. The demonstration is lackluster, and there have been no genuine concessions made for viewers; there\'s no spectator view, or any tools used to give people seeing a good understanding of the total game.

Instead, you\'re simply watching from the point of view of one participant, with the perspective shifting regularly between the various competitors. It\'s fine if you just want to see Ninja, but not so much if you\'re attempting to take from the contest as a whole.The struggles of Fortnite as an e-sport proved especially apparent over the weekend, when two major competitive gaming events happened.

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