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At this point, gaming was popular with the younger generations, and was a shared activity inthat people competed for high scores in arcades. However, most people would not have considered four out of every five American households having a games system as a probable reality. Technological advancements, such as Intel\\\'s invention of the world\\\'s first microprocessor, led to the creation of games such as Gunfight in 1975, the first example of a multiplayer human to human combat shooter.
The Queen Black Dragon is fought in four phases. During the first phase, she will attack with melee (if you are within her attack range), Ranged, and Dragonfire. Be aware that this dragonfire attack can hit 700 or higher, so the use of antifire or super antifire potions are a necessity. She will also use a special fire wall attack (shown in the chat box with an orange message).
You must pass through the gap in the flames to avoid damage. If this attack does hit, it will hit in the low 200s, dealing damage twice if it passes over you. Running through it may deal damage once, or, timed luckily, may not deal damage at all. In future phases, with multiple waves of flame, reaching a faraway gap may be difficult and running directly through the flames
may be a better alternative to taking many hits upon failing to reach the gap. When the health bar for the first stage reaches zero, the Queen will start coughing up level 105 giant grotworms. Touch the dragonkin artefact in the centre of the platform to stop these from appearing. These can hit fairly hard with magic, so it is advised to dispatch them quickly. Avoid letting too many Grotworms spawn by activating the artefact as quickly as possible after depleting the Queen\\\'s health bar.
If the item is in heavy demand, it may sell right away, but it could take longer. However, you don have to worry about waiting around at the Grand Exchange for your money when it does sell. Once someone has bought the item, you be notified in the game messages area that one of your offers has been updated. Then, all you have to do is go to any bank in Runescape and collect your money.

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