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12. URL shorteners are not permitted. Why cant we trade items away? Would the [" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">]osrs gold[/url] fishing trawler really be that overpowered? Ironmen can carry other ironmen to full gwd1 t70s but no regular accounts allowed and one of the only activities in the game actually designed around having a group isnt playable in a group(dungeoneering)

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My entire point is that these are not children. I remember 15 years ago waiting for the day that we would all have broadband internet and the gaming community would mature and we would finally have multiplayer nirvana. But things got worse. The worse offenders during the Tribes day are even worse now in CS:GO, etc. So now we have the usual amount of kids PLUS adults acting like complete lunatics. It used to be, and i am thinking back to the BF1942 days, that you knew who the adults were and they were running the servers and never tolerated ragers and poor sports.

"I thought a good Co Alginate f ing would be a great way to spend a bathroom break. I took a decent sized jar and some Co Alginate powder to the bathroom with me and locked the door. I mixed a little water in with the powder, got it to a nice, slimy semi hard texture, and stuck in my dick.
FABLE II (Microsoft). It has been said that Peter Molyneux is like the dark temptress of video games. A brilliant designer and public speaker, Mr. Molyneux is known for bringing fresh concepts to gaming. Yet historically his games (like Black White), though fascinating and provocative, have fallen just short of fulfilling all of the extravagant claims he made for them. Well, I\'ll be drinking the Molyneux Kool Aid yet again this fall with Fable II, his rich yet deceptively simple fantasy role playing adventure. This time everything is going to be perfect, right? To be released in October for the 360.
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